Out on the Town

They took me out on the town Some cousins, a friend To show the returning prodigal What new bars, what new beers kept 'em Busy, boozy in Bangalore They were generous ordering the appetizers

Papads, peanut masala, chicken tikka And a continuous flow of my favorite Kingfisher

To wash it all down I begged off when they ordered more... More beer, more food, Teased me about my American-accented “I'm rather full” I watched the beer and banter flow Amusedly at first Concerned as the talk got crass And the tongues got sloppy “Hey guys, let us go home, ” I said as the clock struck One Our waiter stood their wary... “He prefersh, ” my bank-clerk friend lisped My cousins thumped the table Spilling beer, breaking glass More papads and cigarettes were ordered The waiter whimpered “Sir, we are past closing time,” he said We had a car to get back home This young man How did he make his way through the Dark, bus-less streets to His bachelor pad miles away? They got angry with him I got angry with them Walked out to the parking lot Where they straggled boozy, Boisterous, rowdy... Half-way home A beer-muddled cousin growled “Bloody fucker, minding the clock, We didn't leave him a tip”...
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