IDRF: Let the Facts Speak

– (2003, Reprinted November 2016)

-- Ramesh Rao, Narayanan Komerath, Beloo Mehra, Chitra Raman, Sugrutha Ramaswami, and Nagendra Rao

“IDRF, the India Development and Relief Fund is a Maryland, USA based charitable organization focused on self-development of the most needy in India. The fund had supported exceptional work after the Orissa cyclone of 2000, and the Bhuj earthquake of 2001, in addition to its sustained service through decades, as the main source of support for over 200 organizations ranging from orphanages and leprosy patient shelters, to One Teacher schools, hospitals and farmers' cooperatives. In 2002, this fund came under a massive attack plotted by a well-funded political cabal, coordinated with several unscrupulous media entities. Several academics jumped on the bandwagon, misusing institutional affiliations…. The blatantly political attack was intended to discredit India's government and destroy relations with the USA at a time when the strategic partnership of democracies was coming into full bloom. It was a frightening time: the attackers succeeded temporarily in bullying major corporations into suspending donations to IDRF, and seemed poised to enlist powerful political support in the US as well. We – diverse individuals mostly unaware of each other’s existence until this outrage woke us up -- decided to form a team and fight for the truth. Our response, informed by a massive popular upwelling of outrage against this atrocity, was to investigate thoroughly, and then report the facts. We were inspired by a virtual army of dedicated and often anonymous volunteers who showed what good, honest research could accomplish. Our experience validated the ancient advice: "Truth Alone Shall Triumph", but also showed why that requires a determined effort. Over a decade later, the IDRF continues to thrive and grow, now with stellar ratings from numerous rating agencies…. This book, unchanged from 2003, documents the facts. We hope that this will guide and encourage those like us, who find themselves wondering how to counter such massive attacks by powerful and unscrupulous entities and their pompous but unthinking cheering squads”.


“This is a great book for those who want to understand how a small group of leaders of the Indian-American community investigated a group of cyber terrorists who masqueraded as Indian marxists and tried to stop developmental assistance to India by attacking the reputation of respected Indian American charities. Much like the recent disinformation campaign linked to Russia, some unknowing people were swayed by the disinformation campaign of the Indian marxists. This book tells the story of the Indian-American leaders who spent their free time investigating, researching and writing, so that people could understand forces working against free speech, against development, and against charity. At the end of this reading, you will have a better understanding of social work in India, ideological battles in the Indian diaspora, the backgrounds of the authors of the book, and most importantly, understand the backgrounds and ideologies of the Indian marxists and their allies from fundamentalist religious communities and their ties to terror networks.” – Dr. Mihir Meghani, Co-founder, Hindu American Foundation

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