The Election That Shaped Gujarat & Narendra Modi's Rise to National Stardom

– November 24, 2015

-- Paperback

-- Ramesh N Rao, Vishal Sharma

From the Foreword:

“This book recounts and analyzes the events leading up to and the results of the elections to the Gujarat State Assembly in 2002. Despite Modi’s meteoric rise, the events in Gujarat leading up to the elections in 2002, still cast a long shadow. This inquiry recounts and analyzes that crucial period in Gujarat’s history and explains how Gujarat is a crucible for understanding and testing the sustainability of democratic traditions in the context of a multicultural society buffeted by global events.

The manuscript for this book was finalized in 2004, much closer to the actual historical events. We believe time has enhanced its value, not diminished it. We offer it as a contribution to understanding and analyzing not only what happened in Gujarat in 2002 but how such an analysis might guide large, multi-ethnic, multi-religious societies to manage change and strengthen governance in a democracy.”

What the reviewers say:

"If there is one book that has to be studied to understand the causes, nature and dynamics of the Gujarat riots of 2002, if there is one book that has to be studied to understand the manipulations, distortions and propaganda which took place and which takes place even today against Modi, if there is one book that has to be studied to understand how the so-called secularism in India has through some dark alchemy transformed itself into an anti-humanist ideology not dissimilar from the anti-Semitic propaganda that took place in pre-holocaust Christendom, then it is this book" -- Aravindan Neelakandan, co-author of "Breaking India".

"Political developments are punctuated by sensational events, like the Godhra arson attack against Hindu pilgrims in 2002 or Narendra Modi's accession to power in 2014. The grey lines between them are rarely documented, but here, Prof. Ramesh Rao has painstakingly connected these dots. The national breakthrough of 2014 was prepared at the state level by a careful interplay between the enterprising Gujarati people and the dynamic policies pioneered by their Chief Minister. A focus on the state elections confirming him in power in spite of the unique hate campaign against him, reveals the game-changing processes that underlie political revolutions. It is a lesson from which all stake-holders in politics can learn, including the present-day front men of Modi's own party." -- Dr. Koenraad Elst, author of "Decolonizing the Hindu Mind".

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